The Final Product: Viva La Vida



Coming together to put together this music video has truly been a gratifying experience. String Theory was founded on the idea of inspiring other people to embark on their own creative musical journeys like we have ourselves and we are happy to see many people enjoy what we have created. Our efforts are now on YouTube for everyone to see and enjoy, and we are very excited.

Even though Viva La Vida was a thoroughly covered piece because of its acoustically compatibile features in the original song and its very catchy, falsely 7/8 synchopated meter, re-doing it in the perspective of 5 cellos not only proved to be a good starting piece for our later songs, but also an eye-opening experience to see how far we could go with a single piece!

While we enjoy the release of this music video with you, our watchers and supporters, String Theory looks forward to what we will do next! Thanks for all of your support!

Posted on June 12, 2012 .