Pop-made-classical culture with a rendition that even Bach would likely applaud.
— William Goodman, Huffington Post

We began as students at Columbia University and Juilliard. We arrange and perform popular music adapted for the magnificent voice of a cello ensemble.


  1. Encourage and explore imaginative uses of classical instruments.

  2. Inspire and enrich others in their own unique musical journeys.

  3. Astonish our audiences with creative interpretations of popular songs in the form of a cello ensemble.


We’ve produced music videos. We record some live performances and post them on YouTube and Instagram for everyone to enjoy. Browse a curated selection.


Purchase our arrangements! Musicians, cellists, and orchestras all over the world play and perform our arrangements. Try one out and tell us how you like it.



We live all across the world, but often we can make something work. There’s a concentration of us on the west coast in the United States (Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area), but we have a community of talented cellists across the US who can fill in.

Please reach out — we are very friendly and responsive.

Past itineraries include:

  • Weddings (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, background, etc.)

  • Workshops (high school, university)

  • Collaborations (A-cappella, dance, choreography tracking)

  • Custom arrangements (ranging from cello solo to full orchestra)